Delphi XML Component Persistence Readme


This readme contains a general description and an installation description for the Delphi XML Component Persistence project.


Delphi XML Component Persistence is a set of components which enable the programmer to store and retrieve component trees and properties to and from xml strings and files.

The project is "Open Source" and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The project source and distributables are accessable for retrieval and collaboration at

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The components are designed for Delphi 5 (update 1) and 6 (update 2) and are not guaranteed to work under any other version of Delphi. The project is planned to be ported to Kylix in the near future.

These components require version 3 or higher of the Microsoft Xml parser. You can download version 3 update 2 here (Microsoft site is subject to change, this link may well be invalid once you need it :).

Installation Description

To install the XML Component Persistence in Delphi do the following (replace * with your Delphi version):


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